"OZIERI. The series of events celebrating the 40th birthday of the Città di Ozieri Choir opens on Friday, July 7, with the now customary appointment with the show "Between the sacred and the profane". For the seventh edition, scheduled from 7.30 p.m. in the church of San Francesco, there will be a cultural exchange with the choir La Preara of Caprino Veronese, which will also be an opportunity to present the latest recording of the Città di Ozieri, made thanks to the contribution of the Rotary Club Ozieri. It is the CD "Sabore 'e Sardigna", which collects eight songs of the repertoire never recorded before, three classics of the previous CDs and two "live" recorded in Hungary on the occasion of a very important international festival in which the City of Ozieri participated as guests. "

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La Nuova Sardegna, 5 July 2017


"OZIERI. Another great success for the Città di Ozieri Choir called to represent the city in the "choral marathon" for the one hundredth anniversary of the Great War on the south-eastern edge of the Asiago plateau, in Bassano del Grappa, in an event organised by the local choir. Accompanied by the Councillor for Social Policies, Gigi Sarobba, the members of the choir remembered the sacrifice of thousands of young Sardinians from the Sassari Brigade with performances at the sites of Col Caìna, Le Laite and Rubbio. In the church of Rubbio, the Città di Ozieri choir also received the honorary European medal of Fidca (Italian Federation of Allied Fighters) from the president of the Trentino Alto Adige section, Vincenzo Allotti. Great affection was shown to the Ozieri choristers by the large audience present at the events: in particular by the many Sardinian emigrants, proud of their fellow countrymen".

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La Nuova Sardegna, 5 July 2016


A repertoire of sacred hymns and traditional island songs was presented.

"OZIERI. A new prestigious success for the Città di Ozieri Choir, which has recently been a guest in Hungary, where it brought the island's music and culture to the 19th edition of the European Convivial Wine Song Festival in Pécs, a historic imperial city 200 kilometres from Budapest. Joining the Logudoresi were the Klapa Kastav Choir (Croatia), the Sàinguerrunde Kritzendorf Choir (Austria), the Sandvitten Male Choir (Sweden), the Kodàli Zoltan Male Choir (Budapest), the Béla Bartok Choir (Pècs), the Zengo Folk Ensemble (Pècs) and the Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra (Pècs). Special guests are the Dance Ensemble "MecseK" and the Brass Band from Pècs. The event began in the evocative, underground cellars of Villàni in the presence of a Hungarian government minister. Each group performed a song dedicated to wine, followed by touring concerts in the streets and in the cosy open cellars throughout the city. After the debut, there were more performances in the main squares of Pècs, including a live TV broadcast by the national broadcaster from the Municipal Theatre."

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Written by Gerolamo Squintu for La Nuova Sardegna, 01 October 2015


"OZIERI. The City of Ozieri Choir's recent trip to Switzerland was a success, where the singers, at the invitation of the Lausanne Sardinian Circle and after a first stop at the Sardinian Circle in Ghemme, in the province of Novara, had the opportunity to meet many friends and perform in front of a large audience.

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La Nuova Sardegna, 



"The 2014 social year of the Lausanne Nuraghe ends on a high note. And in 'Harmonie', thanks to the voices of the two men's choirs, Harmonie des Campagnes and Coro Città di Ozieri, who performed together on Saturday 22 November, harmonically...

Two choirs that, on closer inspection, have a lot in common, starting with the fact that they are men's choirs, amateur and amateurish in nature, with a significant number of singers, 54 Swiss and 22 Sardinians respectively, operating in a non-town environment, united by a love of music that is not easy to enjoy and listen to, melodious for the Swiss, more serious for the Sardinians, as well as purely technical differences that were 'taught' to me by the Ozierese choristers.

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Written by Roberta Pilia for Tottus in Pari


"OZIERI. A friendship born seven years ago between the Coro Città di Ozieri (Ozieri City Choir) and the 'Bassano' choir from Bassano del Grappa, which took part in the Sagra della Madonna del Rimedio (Feast of Our Lady of Remedy), has been consolidated over time with continuous singing and cultural exchanges between the two groups. In 2002, the choir from Ozieri took part in the Bassano '10 ore in Canto' (10 hours in song) festival together with other choirs, including the one from Bassano Romano (Vt), whose members expressed the desire to establish more assiduous relations with the Ozieri group.

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Gerolamo Squintu, La Nuova Sardegna, 16 December 2008


The 'Città di Ozieri' Choir guest of honour at 'Bassano in Canto

Sardinia Region

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