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OZIERI. New board of directors for the Città di Ozieri Choir, which at the milestone of its 39th year of activity is preparing to organise its 40th anniversary celebrations. The choir will be led for this year and next by a new board of directors, composed of president Gavino Farina, deputy Gian Franco Meledina, secretary Raimondo Bellu, cashier Barore Falchi and councillor Giacomo Mura. At the inauguration, during the assembly, president Gavino Farina thanked maestro Mario Coloru 'for his qualified and patient commitment that allows the choir to establish itself and grow'. Endless thanks were then addressed to former president Gian Mario Bittau and the entire outgoing board, 'for the excellent work done, which brought tangible results in all respects'.

The board presented the year's programme, which as always includes various engagements, including participation in the Cavalcata Sarda in Sassari, the Via Crucis in Alghero, the Canti dall'Ortobene festival in Nuoro, the festival organised on the occasion of the Sartiglia in Oristano, and the usual local events Tra sacro e profano and Nadale in coro.

Then, as mentioned, there is the organisation of the 40th anniversary, which will see the release of a new record work made possible thanks to the contribution of the city's Rotary Club, with its enthusiastic president Lello Petretto in the front row.

Finally, participation in an important folk festival in Eastern Europe is in the pipeline.(b.m.)


15 February 2017

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